Thursday, April 22, 2010

Confessions of an Aspergian Thespian

Sean Previl, a Canadian college student/singer/actor, has been posting on OS for most of this year now. He has a smattering of followers, who have encouraged him as he ventured out of the safe shelter of a rigidly structured style of posting that would start with a detailed description of his morning rituals - brushing teeth, breakfast, etc - but always included a brief capsule of his daily adventures with a dollop or two of his hopes and dreams and a conclusion of whatever Asperger's symptoms he'd exhibited that day.

His blog style has evolved into a more natural narrative style, which includes more reflection and less boilerplate. Today's post calls for celebration. Sean includes a brief autobiography that gives us a glimpse inside the head of a talented, sociable child struggling through the emotional challenges of getting to know himself and find friends and enjoy life despite the disorder that has frustrated and discouraged many people.

Please check the fellow out. You may be surprised!

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