Thursday, March 25, 2010

Everyone Can Be an OS Editor

Maxwell Perkins 

This is the first post from the new OS team blog,  OS Editor--Do You Read These Writers?

OS Editor is a team blog that helps OS members find writers they would enjoy reading, but have not yet discovered. Anyone can ba an OS editor and post their recommendations. One definition of new writer is someone not known to the vast majority of OS readers as indicated by ratings and comments. Feel free to recommend a great post whether the author is popular or not.
The login is oseditor
The password is publiclibrarian
It is cheating to use OS Editor to rate or comment on your own posts.
  • Since OS editor is everyone,  there is no one to answer your private messages.  Equally true, anyone might answer your PM. Don't send PMs.
  • You can email
  •  Post or comment instead or hiding behind  private messaging..
  • Post authors might consider identifying themselves and responding to comments. There is no obligation to do so. 
  • Abusive comments, completely off-topic comments that violate the spirit of this blog, and spam will be deleted without appeal. Please email if you find such abuse.
  • We welcome cross-posting of blog recommendations  you have written in the past. Please check to see if links are still current.
  • Please make this blog a favorite, since blog notifications will never be sent.
  • Everyone forgets to log out once in a while.  No harm done.
 Welcome to an experiment in group blogging. All of us and none of us are responsible for this blog's success. Perhaps this blog will relieve some of the discontent about cover stories and editor's picks.


  1. The new OS blog seems to be doing well. Two people have posted, and there are quite a few favorable comments. I don't want to RSS this blog to that one. What do my co-authors think?

  2. I am delighted that people are posting without identifying themselves. That is the whole point. We are all OS Editor.