Saturday, March 27, 2010

NY OS Memorial Weekend Celebratioin




Carousel and Smallest Lake, Hempstead Lake State Park

I have been inspired by SageMerlin's efforts to arrange OS get-togethers. I would like to establish a tradition of a Memorial Day Weekend Party on Long Island, centered at my house.
 I have a four bedroom house on the South Shore of Long Island in Nassau County, with an average-size backyard. I am 40-minute train ride from Penn Station, the railroad hub of NYC.  Penn is two blocks away from the Empire State Building. It would not be difficult to park in my suburban neighborhood.There is a school playground two blocks away.

We have squeezed as many as 65 people in our house.

My idea of domesticity is arranging my books in alphabetical order. Our lawn is entirely native plants, not grass. Once you have been to my house, you will never be embarrassed by your housekeeping standards again.

I am  less than 3 miles away from Hempstead Lake  State Park, which features picnic areas, bike and hiking paths, tennis, fishing, 3 lakes (not for swimming), and a carousel. I am 15 minutes away from Jones Beach, one the the best beaches anywhere.

The hotels/motels around here would be much cheaper than anything in Manhattan. I love to be a guide to Manhattan. I have absolutely no idea how many OS writers live in the New York Metropolitan area. Please either comment on this post or email me at if you want to help me organize it or if you could plan to come.

I want a party, not a convention. I have lots of experience organizing family picnics of my huge extended family. You have to schedule the picnic at the same time each year. Then people can start to arrange their schedule around it. I believe in potluck picnics where no one is in charge of the food and divine inspiration makes it a success.
Please share this invitation with your OS friends in the NYC metropolitan area.

I have set up a blogger blog to coordinate this party.
One of the glories of Blogger is the ability to post polls. Please answer the questions about whether you can come, how many people you will bring with you, and if you want to help organize it. 

The response has been underwhelming. So far I only have about 6 people definitely coming. We can decide which day would be better or we can party for 3 days.  I realize it is short notice to plan something for Memorial Day.  My 65th birthday is in mid-July and my youngest daughter is getting married in mid-August, so later in the summer was not feasible.

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