Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wanted: OS Editors

This new blogger blog, OS Editor's Picks, is an alternative to Open Salon's cover page and editor's picks. 100 co-authors can participate.

Email to receive an invitation.

Too often newcomers join Open Salon, post a few times, are ignored, and leave before we knew they were there. To them it must seem we spend more time squabbling with one another than reading people we don't already know.

Not only newcomers get lost. Many excellent writers have been posting for months or years and never been discovered except by a few loyal readers. Serious posts are neglected while frivolous ones attract huge ratings.

Writers should not be bashful or modest. Co-authors should link to their own best posts, and commenters should share their links.


  1. well, here I am, do I need to repeat my OS comment here?

  2. I haven't figured out the relationship between the blogger blog and the OS blog. I think they should be separate. Anyone can be OS Editor, but we have 13 great

    We also have much more freedom here to discuss Open Salon.

    Incidentally, we should all feel free to do what RSG and CW did. If you have a post that is important and it is being ignored, post about it. That is the least we can expect from our work.

    This blog is all of us. I don't make the rules anymore than the rest of us. So of course you should do what you want to do.

    I guess I should put a poll up, Do you read OS editor?