Friday, March 26, 2010

You Decide How This Blog Works

I hope we will not descend into groans and lamentations about the cover stories and editor's picks on the ad-driven OS. If this blog is doing will, it should become people's new cover page when they are seeking excellent new posts on OS.

Feel free describe your own best posts. I don't particularly expect OS Superstars to volunteer to be co-authors.

I hope people will find excellent posts that never got the attention they needed or that seem even more relevant now than when they were first posted.

I want to establish a link list to the editor's OS blogs. That is very easily done on Blogger. Please let me know if you don't want to be included for some reason.

I hope people will write posts devoted to their own favorite bloggers. Don't worry about insulting people. I am going to moderate comments and will delete abusive ones.

As administrator, I do have the capacity to edit posts. I will confine myself to making clickable links and testing whether they work.

Make sure you give your posts subject headings (not the recommended blogger's name). I am adding a subject list on the right hand side. I hope you will list yourself as a subject. Then people can look for your posts.

You will notice that Blogger frowns on more than one person posting to the blog at a time. Just wait a few minutes.

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